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TLUX Technologies Ltd, London, UK

TLUX Technologies Ltd, (“TLUX”) is a well-established information technology service provider specialized in Application Management (Software Integration) and associated technologies.
The company leverages a very strong network of trusted technology providers in the UK, German-speaking markets, South Africa and further afield.
TLUX is an independent company and our team provides high level consultancy services from strategy development in the IT to the technical implementation of advanced and high-level IT solutions. Our Project Managers and Service Managers work with highly specialized teams and a host of competent, qualified and well established partners to deliver high quality services and substantial lasting value to our customers.


Our values form the basis of our constant success and experience built over 30+ years. Key to our success is our focus on delivering the Best Customer Service and achieving Utmost Customer Satisfaction. Our constant focus on developing Expertise and Professionalism, obsession with Knowledge Transfer and Flexibility are part of the quality we offer. Our highly innovative and creative team always finds solutions to even the most complex challenges. Strong Teamwork coupled with a strong conviction in what we do forms the basis of our guiding motto “Excellence through Innovation”.

Our value system extends far beyond the business world. The TLUX team maintains a family-like culture in which values such as Honesty and Fairness enjoy a primary focus. Transparency and Communication ensure a good atmosphere and successful cooperation with our customers, partners and as a team.

Enveloping all of this is our core value of Quality.

Furthermore our management fully subscribes to the principles of Good Corporate Governance, Ethics and Equal Opportunities.


Our team comprises of well qualified and experienced specialists who are able to offer bespoke services and flexible solutions for many different tasks. With our ‘big picture’ approach, extensive experience, and close attention to detail, we deliver high-quality results: from analyzing your requirements and business processes to designing an optimal solution through to handling implementation and follow-up. We put together our teams on a project-by-project basis. Our team members are pragmatic, customer-oriented, experienced specialists who will develop your solutions on time and on budget.

The release of Microsoft® Windows 2000® in 1999 marked a paradigm shift in automated software installation, corporate manageability and deployment. Since then, TLUX has become a leading solutions provider for setup development, software packaging, MSI, automation and application management. Our deployment specialists can engineer a vendor-independent client management solution that complies fully with ITIL standards and meet your organization’s needs.


Unique Selling Points:

  • Typical reductions of up to 40% in the consolidation of the standard software library or software portfolio
  • Typical reductions of more than 40% in the implementation of Application Migration Projects through our Smart-Sourcing solutions
    Optimized application configuration management – Reduced overhead in Service Desk
  • Application compatibility with future operating systems, reduced future costs for OS Migration project
  • Scalable and flexible solutions to meet customer needs. Reduced overhead in integrating deployment solutions
  • Absolute focus and specialization in Application Integration and Provisioning(from both a publisher and an Enterprise perspective)
  • Automated solutions in Application Deployment including Release Management

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