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Installation Authoring and HealthCheck Solutions

Installation Authoring, Best Practices, Training and Healthchecks

The TLUX team is proud to offer services around setup authoring, patching and update best practices as well as ‘healthcheck’ engagements to get you on the right track.  Since 2015, TLUX has been the only global delivery partner for both Flexera and Revenera.

Revenera (part of the Flexera family of companies) have been used to create professional software installers that have successfully installed products on more than 500 million PCs and servers. Flexera Software Global Consulting Services has helped many of these customers – from independent software vendors (ISVs) to enterprise IT developers – implement a software installer that both meets their business needs and conforms to industry best practices. Our software consulting service experts are fully versed in best practices as well as the functionality of our solutions. They apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design, and smooth implementation and configuration of your installation solutions.


Failed installations can negatively impact a customer’s first impression of your product and result in substantial support costs. We utilise our 25+ years of installation development experience to develop a software installer based on best practices that meet your business requirements.


Let our experts take over the task of developing your installations using Industry Best Practices. Leaving your team to concentrate on developing your applications. This will increase the user experience and value for your customers and ultimately reduce Installation Authoring and Testing costs.


Wouldn’t it be great if your Installations created themselves? We provide the expertise in developing and implementing automated solutions for setup creation. We also implement complex scenarios, like the configuration of time controlled production lines which can be carried out by user friendly web surfaces. Another stage of automation covers the requirements of distributing the software. This comprises, inter alia, the delivery of packages via internet, e.g. by an individual update service.

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