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Access Capture from Access IT Automation

Application Packaging Workflow Automation and Optimization

Access Capture Benefits Overview

Access Capture is a market leader in automated application packaging and testing solutions. It offers the widest range of application file formats, and it is compatible across devices, platforms, and operating systems, making it suitable for even the most complex of hybrid technology landscapes.
It also offers optimal flexibility, with APIs to integrate with existing tools as well as an intuitive, ready-to-go user interface.

Access Capture Platform Capabilities

Access Capture is an application packaging and testing solution that delivers substantial financial, efficiency, and user experience benefits for organisations with complex hybrid
ecosystems that want to optimise and automate technology management tasks. It can be fully tailored to customer requirements and is compatible with all common application formats.

Save Time Through Automation
Automate everything, from getting a complete understanding of your application estate to packaging
Reduce Costs
Manual application packaging and testing is repetitive and resource-intensive. With Access Capture, you can reallocate valuable and time-pressured technology resources to value-added tasks.
Adaptable To Your Requirements
Suitable for day-to-day operations, such as app updates, new releases, and new app implementations, as well as large technology projects, including Windows 11/12 and VDI migrations.
Make Better Decisions
Base your software-related decisions on data that is accurate and easy to visualise, digest, and understand.
Mitigate Risks
Reduce the operational, financial, and reputational risks related to obsolete, out-of-date, and vulnerable software applications.
Operate Your Way
Integrate Access Capture using an API or choose the intuitive user interface.

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