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Advanced MSI Projects with InstallShield 2023

DELIVERY APPPROACH: 3 day remotely delivered instructor-led live class

Per-Seat cost: £1,100 / €1,200 / USD$1,499

If you have been using InstallShield for some time and need a refresher on the latest versions of InstallShield, introduce advanced installation techniques and new target environments (OS, IE, etc.) then this course is for you. The further course provides you with a solid understanding of advanced techniques for customising the appearance and behaviour of your installation program.

The techniques used in this 3-day course involve Basic MSI projects in InstallShield, which use the Windows Installer service (MSI) for the installation’s behaviour and appearance. While the course does occasionally make use of InstallScript custom actions in Basic MSI projects, this course does not cover InstallScript MSI projects.

All courses run from 09:00 to 16:30 local time:

EMEA Course Dates 2023 (UK time zone):

  • 25th to 27th October 2023

In this 3-day class, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your installer’s appearance using advanced control types
  • Provide detailed user feedback using billboards, progress information, and logging
  • Correctly create custom actions for extending Windows Installer functionality (and learn when not to!)
  • Avoid common pitfalls when coding custom actions
  • Work with InstallShield prerequisites and chained installations to handle multi-package requirement
  • Successful completion of the InstallShield training course “InstallShield, MSI Projects”
  • Experience implementing at least 1 large installation project using the Basic MSI project type
  • Experience implementing at least 2 medium installations using the Basic MSI project type
  • Experience implementing at least 4 small installations using the Basic MSI project type

Note: Experience with InstallScript projects provides a sound basis for the Installation domain, but this experience alone is not a sufficient basis for the Advanced MSI course. At least one of the prerequisites above should be met before enrolling in this course, regardless of the amount of InstallScript experience the student possesses.

Many sections of the course assume familiarity with at least one of the programming or scripting languages C/C++, InstallScript, C#, or VBScript.


The following course sections and topics will be covered in the class. If you have a specific area that you think will need extra attention, mention it to your instructor on the first day of class. The course is more hands-on and a lot of practical examples will be used.


  • Windows Installer Packages
  • Product Organisation
  • Properties and Conditions
  • Sequences and Actions
  • Using the InstallShield Installation Designer
    • InstallShield Build Process
    • Running an Installation
    • Package Validation
  • Using the Direct Editor View
  • Recent InstallShield Functionality


  • User Interface Review
  • Basic Interaction Between Controls
  • MaskedEdit Controls
  • Working with the SelectionTree Control
  • VolumeSelectCombo
  • Billboards
  • Text Styles
  • Refreshing a Dialog Box


  • Avoiding Custom Actions
  • Types of Custom Actions
  • Review: Custom Actions and Sequences View
  • Action Scheduling
  • Action Conditions
  • Developing Custom Actions
  • Custom Actions and Merge Modules


  • Accessing and Modifying the Running MSI Database
  • Finishing Touches


  • Working with Prerequisites
  • Reboots
  • Working with the Directory Table
  • Advanced Windows Installer Features

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