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Installation Design & Development

TLUX offers a range of services for Application Vendors (Companies that develop Software) in the creation of Installation Setups for their applications. Let your team concentrate of delivering a good quality application and let the experts worry about the delivery of the software to your customers’ machines. A setup package will be the first experience that your customer will have in implementing your software. We make sure that the first impression will always be a good and professional one.

A setup ensures the trouble-free use of your software on a customer’s system. On the computer, everything necessary for a regular software operation is prepared: ranging from the simple processing of data up to demanding queries and configurations.

These actually complex setup development processes are carried out optimally by using standard technologies (primarily: Windows Installer – MSI) and established Best Practices. These in turn guarantee the best possible compatibility to all and the latest operating systems (Windows 10).

Modern setups, which base on the Windows Installer (MSI) technology, also support additional features besides the actual installation: repairs, self-healing, adding or removing feature subsequently and a clean uninstallation. Further developments of your software can be determined through updates and target-oriented patches.

For over 25 years, Flexera Software solutions have long been the “gold standard” in how to protect software and create professional installation software. Over 80,000 independent software vendors and enterprise customers have used our solutions to develop their software installers. As a result, their installation software has been deployed on over 500 million PCs and servers around the world. Our special relationship with Flexera Software as a Delivery Partner allows us to leverage the full use of the Industry standard solution for setup development, InstallShield.

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Talk to one of our experts to find out how we can assist you with services in:

  • Designing the optimal Setup Package for your Customers
  • TLUX to assist you in the development of a Professional Setup Package
  • Getting TLUX experts perform a HealthCheck of your existing Setup Packages
  • Training your Team using Industry Best Practices

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