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Application Packaging Healthcheck and Best Practices

TLUX has over the years gathered extensive experience with the development and implementation of Best Practices for Packaging. We have not only offered different levels of services to Enterprise customers, but we have on-boarded most of the Service Providers (both Near-Shore and Off-Shore) in implementing Best Practices. We have worked together with Flexera Software in key implementations of Enterprise solutions like the WorkFlow Manager and AdminStudio Enterprise Server. Our approach and experience guarantee a continuous high quality with packaging.

TLUX offers Health-Check services which include an overall quality rating your application packaging work, plus for each area, a review of your implementation, highlighting issues found and making recommendations for improvement.

Our review of your Packaging Approach includes:

  • Request Analysis Processes
  • Packaging Environment
  • Packaging Standards
  • Automations
  • Quality Assurance Methods

Taking the findings from the above review, TLUX will conduct a more detailed analysis of the your packaging procedures, standards and operations. This will include TLUX running audit tools against the AdminStudio Application Catalog, to produce detailed reports of potential areas for concern and thus help you to focus on those areas.

If you are not currently using AdminStudio,TLUX will import an agreed subset of the your packages into a newly-formed Application Catalog in order to run this analysis, as follows:

Request Analysis:

  • Application discovery
  • Request analysis

Packaging Environment:

  • Snapshot environment
  • Application source management
  • Custom exclusion list
  • Relative install location
  • MSI build format and CAB digital signing
  • Packaging environment configuration

Package Standards:

  • Application shortcuts
  • Handling common components
  • Application isolation
  • Package cleanup
  • Handling localization support
  • Component rules
  • “Custom action” standards
  • Configuring ODBC entries


  • Corporate templates
  • Application source management
  • Handling current user settings
  • Standardization/Corporate transforms
  • Configuring INI files
  • Configuring environment settings
  • Handling shared extensions
  • Use of environment settings
  • Handling local lockdown environment

Quality Assurance:

  •  Handling ICE rules
  • Integration with other packages and operating system
  • Customer-driven verification and resolution
  • Package testing
  • Validation of preliminary deployment
  • Validation of user-level application functionality

The services are normally conducted onsite in such a manner that your Team will be able to improve on existing knowledge and experience.

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